Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Most NSFW Geordie Shore Sex Scenes

By Alice Bradley
Since its release on our screens back in 2011, Geordie Shore has pushed a lot of boundaries for British telly and completely rewritten the rules of what classifies a ‘good’ night out.
But that’s not all, the Geordie lot have bared everything for us viewers, be it through mortal benders, outrageous rants and tequila-fuelled orgies. Nothing is shied away from the cameras, so us binge-watching reality show addicts have had full access to the many OMG moments in the series.
With series 13 is well under way and eries 14 is being filmed, we know the score by now. We are guaranteed an awkward sex scene or two so it’s definitely not a programme to catch up on during your office lunch break or in the evening with the family around.
But seeing as we like to break the rules, here’s a list of the most NSFW Geordie Shore sex scenes. Now send this to someone at work, we dare you!

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