Thursday, 14 December 2017

Wolf Alice Send Hippodrome Crowd Wild

Ellie Rowsell screams into Hippodrome crowd. PHOTO: Alice  Bradley

By Alice Bradley

Wolf Alice’s performance at Hippodrome on November 23 was eagerly anticipated, but the four-piece did not disappoint. With queues spilling out of the venue and along Kingston high street, fans waited to get their spot in the crowd.With their Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace) show the following day, the London based band’s energy was not on reserve. With Hippodrome’s intimate capacity, the show was reminiscent of their early days, playing smaller, untamed venues.
The band’s second and long-awaited album has been a huge hit with fans. As  the group have not graced the Hippodrome stage since 2015, the master lyricism and heavier punk vibe was yet to be heard and so created a wild and turbulent crowd. Wolf Alice have landed themselves in new musical territory, expanding into the punk genre, so the set at Hippodrome was an ideal platform for that. 

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